“Our goal is to deliver the best possible aquatic and physical therapy to improve your function and return you to your activities of daily living”

Uzma Hussain DPT, ATRIC

Founder & President of Aquatic Solutions Physical Therapy

We strive to provide an atmosphere that motivates you

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To make an appointment with our physical therapist, we welcome you to contact our scheduling coordinator directly during our normal office hours.

Welcome to Aquatic Solutions

Our mission is to use Aquatic Therapy to help our clients who have lost motor function due to accidents, illness, and or age.

Our physical therapists help determine the source of dysfuction, counsel clients, and coordinate with the clients to create a plan for rehabilitation

Why choose Aquatic Solutions?

We are experts at creating a plan that is individualized to our clients and use treatment approaches to help restore function, deminish pain, and prevent disability. We use evidence based treatments in coordination with 12 years of hands on experience in helping our patients with restoration, maintenance, and advancement of optimum physical function.


I'd recommend this place even to those who work in warehouses, play sports, or those that perform moderate to mild lifting. The staff here provides professional, friendly, down to earth, practical, flexible service. They are passionate about what they do and really cares for the patients.

Two things I love most about this business is that their personable and that they have this really cool machine that allows you to work out in water!

Based on my experience with the staff, the activities available to use, the high tech equipment, and the personable staff I would recommend this place to any and everyone.

- Loretta W.

I started attending aquatic therapy here about two weeks ago for an injury that occurred from an automotive accident back in August. In just two weeks worth of therapy here I’ve already noticed improvement to my injuries that months of time and previous physical therapists were unable to give me.

The tank there is very cool, the water comes out a perfect temperature and the therapist is phenomenal. The staff is remarkably friendly and beyond professional. If you find yourself injured and you think aquatic therapy may help you I give this place my highest recommendation.

- Eric S.

Great staff and hospitality. I came here to get help for my many sports related ankle injuries and the team here at aquatic solutions really helped me get back into shape and back on the field.

- Ahmed H.

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